Bounty is a marketing tool that allows you to increase activity (such as followers, like, shares and e.t.c) in social channels and pay for this activity in tokens.





Important points:

It is important to correctly determine the number of tokens allocated to the bounty program in order to protect the project from overruns of coins and not to bring down the price of the token when entering the exchange

It is important to determine the timing of the distribution of tokens among the bountists

It is important to choose those areas of the bounty program that are really important for the project

It is important to formulate simple and understandable campaign rules

Sum up


Mailing of tokens is carried out by the customer independently or by our company, depending on the wishes of the client.

Additional services

  • 24/7 bounty chat support
  • Additional leveling of the bounty Bitcointalk thread
  • Sending tokens at the end the bounty campaign

Upon completion of the bounty campaign, the customer receives a table with the calculated remuneration and participants' wallets.

Our partnres:

How to set up  the bounty campaign?

The process of preparing the bounty is the following:


Step: Preparation


  • Development and launch of a bounty on the Bitcointalk portal (signatures, avatars, translations)
  • Preparation of graphics, signatures for users of different ranks in bb-codes
  • Creation of reporting forms for tasks
  • Fixing the level of remuneration, distribution of tokens, control of bounty threads on bitcointalk
  • Creation and design topics on the Bitcointalk forum
  • Placing information on the project, links to publications, etc.

Step: Main

  • Verification of reports, drawing up a table of token distribution;
  • Creation and maintenance bounty bounty in a telegram;
  • Advertising a bounty campaign in order to attract the maximum number of participants;
  • Answers to questions in the forum thread. Interaction with comments. Correction of opinions;
  • Correction of conditions in it is necessary

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The main task of  the bounty is simple - participants perform various actions (this can be the translation of project bitcointalk thread in into various languages, creating and moderating local chats, sharing posts and news of the project in social media channels, writing or shooting reviews, etc.) and get rewards for it.




Connect with us via SMS, Viber, WhatsApp:

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