How can I get free publications about the project?

Usually, working with a client on the PR begins with the fact that we take the introductory information from the client. Then we make the first press-release and write to a huge number of crypto and business media.


We make the newsletter and work with feedback: we analyze the data, we understand that the project is like from  journalist’s point of view.


We make mailings on the badbase of media on behalf of the project in order to increase the number of free publications and media reach for the project.








What do we work with PR for your ICO project?

Setting up a marketing strategy, including recommendations on the best budget

Setting up a thematic plan of publications

Writing texts and translating them into the required languages

Working  with free media

Developing a package of paid publications

Coordinating a marketing plan deployment

Conducting special offers from our partners - discounts

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Good advertising in any field will contribute to  your business and increase sales. However, when drawing up a plan for PR publications, you need to remember that the most effective publications are organic, mainly, editorial articles mentioning your project.


Even if there is no link to your website in the material, in terms of brand awareness it is much better than paid placement.


Cooperating with ICO projects in the field of PR, we always build our work in two directions: r free media placements and paid media placements.


Why do we need paid media publications?

Some crypto-medias do not work at all on a free basis - they were created in order to make money on advertising and are they refuse to make anything for free.


Placing paid articles help to place accents right when presenting information about a project, to tell some facts that free journalists are not interested in, to create excitement around the project.


This is important, but in each case the budget for such accommodations should be formed separately. The crypto-media market is changing very quickly: there are new media platforms and there are those that “worked” yesterday ... It is important to take into account many points in order not to waste money.



Connect with us via SMS,

Viber, WhatsApp:

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We provide services for the promotion of ICO projects in business and thematic media.


In this case, the package of services that we can offer for the project is always individual, but we want to tell you more about the general principles that we use.