Large staff of professionals

 We have experience of journalists in our team. We are able to select for each client an author that will dig into your specifics and write according to your goals.


Our journalists are experience in wide variety of publications, including crypto-media. They know how to write any article in simple and relevant language and make it easy for any reader to understand.


At your request, we are ready to provide a portfolio of materials written by our authors.


We are also ready to perform a test task for your order. This will allow you to make sure that the staff of our agency are professionals with extensive experience, ready to serve your goals.

How do we work with the text and content?


We write our own texts and articles, we also carry out the full range of work with finished materials, including:


· Literary editing

· Stylistic processing

· Editorial and proofreading

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Content is King

Content and texts are main business tools,they are attract new customers and partners to the company.


Professionally written texts are  set  to increase your sales and draw the attention of your target audience.



Connect with us via SMS, Viber, WhatsApp:

8 (925) 228-41-64


is King

We have been working in the digital space for several years. During this time we made hundreds of texts dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


This includes not only traditional articles, but also speeches, White Papers, One Pagers and presentations.