In any ICO-project is necessarily to use large-scale PR campaigns, jus ICO-trackers occupy a special place have a special place under this section



What is an ICO tracker?

Trackers are websites that collect and analyze information about current and future ICOs.


All collected information is publicly available and anyone can see and check it.


It is obvious that the project, located in the top lines of the rating websites should be more attractive for investor (especially, when such information is placed on reputable websites).

We work with a free database of websites (more than 150 resources).

With a list of resources

can be found here

Important information for you to know

The terms of publication of the project on trackers takes from several days to several weeks. Some trackers will specifically post a project with errors, some will refuse to post at all.

Trackers may deliberately not post information about the project, explaining it for a variety of reasons: incomplete information about the project submitted, the lack of time and many more.


Sometimes this process is delayed for a month, and as a result, information about ICO appears on the service simultaneously with its completion. The reason for this is an attempt to force the project to pay for the placement.

Our task in this situation is to place the project at no additional cost for the client

Workload with paid trackers

We work with many ICO projects.


We have developed a good relationship with most trackers, including paid ones.


We can recommend to the project those websites that currently provide the best conversion.


We can also offer our clients favorable terms for paid accommodation (discounts, bonuses and various additional options from the websites).

Our partnres:


How to work with free trackers?

At the first stage, we compile a form with information about the project

information about the project

Contact Us:




We confirm the form with information in the form with the ICO project, fix all information that is necessary for the placing

We begin interaction with platforms (websites)  to place the info about the project

For reporting to the client, we create a file is in which the information about the placement is updated every 2-3 days

As soon as, the info about the project is published on the tracker and  in case of getting the low rating, we contact the administration of the resource and clarify what needs to be clarified in order to get the highest rating

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ICO Trackers

As the part of work with ICO trackers, our agency provides services for placing the project at leading websites and obtaining the highest possible ratings there.


Our database has 150 websites.




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