CRYPTO-A is a marketing agency specializing in crypto projects and blockchain startups. We have over 50 successful token sale events in our portfolio.


Who can benefit
from our services?

Who can benefit from our services?

During our time on the market we have built our brand, earned immense experience, and made useful contacts throughout the industry, all of which will help us unleash your project’s full potential.

NFT projects

DeFi projects


Digital startups


How can we help?

How can we help?

You’re launching a project, but feel directionless? Your project is already live, and your contractors’ work leave a lot to be desired?
Your project got into hot water and you struggle to find a way out?
We’re eager to help!

Social media

We’ll establish a social media presence and manage your accounts for you. Discord, Twitter, Telegram, etc.


We’ll make an account and start a thread for you on a forum. Reddit, Medium, Bitcointalk, Altcointalk, etc.

Community management

We’ll provide account and chat support, 8/16/24 hours a day.

Collabs and other activities

We’ll organize activities for your community (surveys, competitions, quizzes, collabs with other projects)


We’ll connect you with influencers and opinion leaders to set up mutually beneficial giveaways, promotions, etc.

Content creation

We’ll write any type of content for you: articles, reviews, interviews, presentations, white papers and one pagers.

PR & marketing

We’ll develop a marketing strategy, choose the best media outlets, and make sure your promotional materials is published.


We’ll look into your project to identify the challenges and come up with the strategies to overcome them.


What should you
know about Crypto-A?

What should you know about Crypto-A?

CRYPTO-A is a marketing agency that has been operating in the cryptocurrency space for several years. We have dozens of successful projects under our belt!

A significant number of our customers remain with us, and we continue providing them with quality services, helping with launching projects and listing tokens on exchanges.

CRYPTO-A is based on a preexisting business: Independent Journalist Agency, an international marketing agency.

Why choose Crypto-A?

Learn more about our strengths and achievements that back up our experience and expertise!

Over 5 years on the market

We’ve been working with crypto projects since 2017. More than 30 successful projects in our portfolio

Experienced team

We go beyond being professionals for hire – we love crypto and we’re watching the market closely, always

Expert recognition

Best agency for ICO promotion according to Blockchain Life Awards, one of the Top 2022

Media partnerships

During our time on the market we have garnered a massive network of authors and editors from various media outlets

Personalized approach

We believe that every project is unique, and we avoid canned solutions as much as possible

Customer focus

We are always ready to provide you with work examples and our customers’ reviews, as well as answer any questions

Our team

Alena Narinyani

Co-founder, CEO

Semukh Grigoriy

Co-founder, CTO

Alisa Arshavina


Vikinger Community

Frequently asked questions

We know you might still have questions about the way we work, so we’ve tried to cover them all here!

If your question is not on the list, just send us an email to info@crypto-a.io
The key thing is to make a list of services you need. You can put the list together on your own or with our help. The simplest way to do so is to send us an email with information about your project, or schedule a call with our team and discuss everything in more detail. We’ll develop a proposal, a budget, discuss it, and prepare to begin.
Sure. We’re big believers in unorthodox solutions, and we strive to offer each new project something fresh and useful. To get a tailored offer, please make a list of goals you have set for your project, send it to our email or social media, or schedule a call with our team.
We usually create a private group chat on Telegram. Our project lead, project manager, and some of the agents are present from our side. We deal with all the issues as they come, in real time. The project manager coordinates the agents, and sends in the results for your approval. If you believe we should use a different mode of communication, we’re open to your suggestions, and are eager to make it work for the sake of your convenience.
We believe in tailored approach to every customer. After we’ve established the list of services you need us for, we’ll develop a budget and discuss all the options.
Sure! We are an incorporated business and we’re always ready to follow every official requirement for cooperation, including B2B payments.
It depends on the services you order. If we’re talking about our services, we do a 50/50 split, with 50% advance payment and the remaining 50% when the services are rendered and accepted (or the payment deadline is due as per the agreement). Say, if you order one month of social media management, the first 50% is paid one the first day of the month, and the remaining 50% is paid on the last day, +50% in advance payment for the next month, if the work is to be continued. Now, when it comes to influencer promotions or paid media articles, we require a 100% advance payment.

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